Corporate Rewards Program

Earn Green Points

We value our customers business, especially our loyal customers! The purpose of the Greens Point Catering Rewards Program is to show our appreciation of your loyalty with perks that can be used by individual administrators, or corporately.

How it Works

1.  Fill out a Rewards Program Form and get 100 points just for joining!

2.  Receive our monthly specials email as well as alerts about special rewards program benefits.

3.  Start ordering catering immediately and earn one point for each dollar spent on food and beverage.

4.  Redeem your points for great rewards whenever you desire!

The Details

  • Points will be tallied at least once a year, but feel free to request a special report if you think you’re close to a reward level and want to cash in
  • Once you cash in your reward, we’ll do our best to get it to you quickly, but give us 4 weeks, just in case we’re swamped cooking!
  • Remember to place an order at least every three months to keep your account active! Points remaining in inactive accounts do expire.

*Points are not transferrable to others in your company, but if you gain employment at another firm, let’s chat about taking your points with you to the new company!

Your Reward Options

  • 1,000 points
    Starbucks Gift Card – $10 value
  • 2,500 points
    Panera or Chipotle Gift Card – $25 value
  • 5,000 points
    Greens Point Catering Gift Certificate - $70 value or
    Target Gift Card - $50 value or
    Marshalls Gift Card - $50 value
  • 10,000 points
    Home Depot - $100 value or
    Target Gift Card - $100 value or
    Greens Point Catering Gift Certificate - $150 value
  • 20,000 points
    Greens Point Catering after hours appetizer drop-off - $300 value

Rewards Program Application

Fill out the form below and start earning GREEN POINTS today!

Have questions about the program?