Our Exceptional Menus

We prioritize fresh, seasonal produce to create the best taste and showcase true Colorado flavor. Each season, our Chef updates and adjusts each menu based on the freshest produce, food trends, and seasonal flavors so that every guest has the best experience possible.

Spring Menu at Greens Point Catering

Spring Menu

After long winters of white fields and slushy streets, we’re all craving at least a little bit of green. So it’s pretty darn awesome that Colorado gives us just that in the form of some our favorite vitamin-vegges, and we love taking advantage of everything Colorado gives.

Summer Menu at Greens Point Catering

Summer Menu

Summer in Colorado is great for fruit and lighter veggies - which is great news for our menus and taste buds! Bright flavors, and lighter options are paired with our staple items for a variety that will be sure to please everybody.

Fall/Winter Menu at Greens Point Catering

Fall, Winter Menu

Anybody else have a love/hate relationship with fall and winter? Nobody wants to be cold but warm, hearty food on a chilly day can nearly make it worth it. Fig, apple, squash, pumpkin, carrots…We take advantage of all of your favorite chilly-weather flavors.

Corporate Menu at Greens Point Catering

Corporate Menu

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and more. We have flavors to fit every taste, day, or celebration.

BBQ Menu at Greens Point Catering

BBQ Menu

All of our barbecue is smoked in house with love, patience, and a whole lot of pecan wood. Reunions, birthdays, fairs, we’re happy to be there!


Dessert & Late Night Snacks Menu

Whether you're rounding out a delecious meal, fueling the late-night dancers, or just looking for something a little different, we've got it! From an array of mini desserts, to buffalo pizza, jalapeno poppers, and even cookie & milk shooters we'll work with you to find the perfect fit.

Brunch on plate with berries

Brunch Menu

It’s breakfast, but without the pressure of waking up at a ‘Breakfast’ time - an especially important detail if you’ve been up late celebrating. Enjoy a sweet and savory spread to sit, relax, and reminisce over, or a quicker, lighter, combo if you’re looking for a boost on your way to start the day.

February 2020 Specials
February 2020 Specials

Did someone say.. farm dinner?